As a child, dealing with ongoing pain issues can become a lonely, scary experience. GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear is a non-fiction picture book suitable for children ages 6 to 10 about coping with pain.

GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear encourages children to communicate their feelings and to explore, visualize and describe their pain using words and images to validate their personal pain experiences. Children of various ages and cultures are shown interacting not only with their pain, but with supportive people in their everyday environment. The book’s message would also be helpful for children to understand the pain or illness of a friend, grandparent or other family member.

The ideas presented through rhythm and rhyme are paired with vibrant illustrations by professional artist Crystal Beshara designed to echo emotions and to trigger discussion. Some of the illustrations are even humorous and encourage the child and reader to laugh, a most welcomed medicine.

GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear would be an invaluable tool for parents, pediatricians, child psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists, clergy, and social workers. The book is suitable for use in hospitals, waiting rooms, treatment facilities, schools, libraries and homes across Canada, the United States, and other English-speaking countries.

About the Illustrator Crystal Beshara
Canadian Artist Crystal Beshara is distinguished by her ability to capture emotion in a variety of mediums; pastel, watercolor, oil and pen and ink. GrrrOUCH! Pain is like a grouchy bear is her third book. View more of her work at www.crystalbeshara.com

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